Bizarre Tech: Hip inflatable, airborne selfies and breathing bean

Fresh from CES, there are some strange gadgets about to hit the market this year. Reckon people have already thought of everything? Think again.


Exit light. Enter night. And a creepy robot kidney.

Anyone here like sleep? I sure do.

Anyone like a giant breathing kidney snuggling with you? I sure don’t.

However, the Somnox sleep robot is designed to get you to sleep using cognitive and breathing techniques to speed up the process of nodding off.

What you’re instructed to do is to spoon the magical sleep maker, and it will soothe you until you pass into dreamland, where floating kidney beans will gently knock into you as you drift through the sleepy sky.

Dubbed the ‘ultimate sleep companion’, Somnox is supposed to help the insomniacs, the light sleepers, the frequent wakers. Basically, many of us at some point.

The company claims that using the same breathing techniques as Buddhists while snuggling your Somnox will help you sleep all through the night.

Then you can thank your squishy breathing bean that you feel refreshed in the morning.



Elevate your selfie game.

Like a little flying stalker, this airborne camera is integrated in your phone cover and can follow you around as you take pictures of you and all your friends. And you. And you again.

With its 5-megapixel HD camera, the company says the ultra-lightweight (61g) drone thing can shoot social-media-optimised images up to 20 metres in the air. Oh, how vain we have become.

The AirSelfie works with a phone app and has four turbo fan propellers powered by brushless motors, so you can grab it while it’s hovering and not slice your fingers to smithereens.

AirSelfie automatically generates its own 2.4GHz Wi-Fi network when you switch it on.

It’s also got a vibration-absorber system, altitude sonar, stability camera and a built-in 4GB micro SD memory card.

It has a 240mAh 7.4 lithium polymer battery that’s enough for three minutes of fun flight. You recharge it by putting it back into your phone cover, or plugging it into a USB port.

It’s made of aeronautical grade anodised aluminium. Fancy. It better be for the €295 (about £257) price tag.



The hip, hip a hop, and you don’t stop...with an inflatable

I’m not sure how up for it some old folks will be, wearing this dodgy fanny pack/bum bag on either side-looking contraption.

So Hip’Air is basically two inflatable air bags on the hips to help prevent hip fractures when you’re old and tend to fall over more, and are more likely to die from these sorts of injuries.

Apparently the company’s engineers have been working on developing the best solution for wibbly-wobbly bodies for 10 years, to make sure even the most unstable of us will not end up cracking our vital bits and pieces.

According to Hip’Air, when the airbag is inflated, it covers a larger area than a traditional hip protector – whatever that looks like.

When a fall is detected, both mini airbags deploy automatically over the hip to ensure protection before impact.

The mini bouncy castle team say they’ve made an algorithm to measure and analyse the motion and fall in progress more than 1,000 times per second.

Sensors including gyroscopes and accelerometers are used to help the balloon hips calculate motion and figure out whether the person is walking normally or falling over – the fall is apparently detected in 200ms and the airbag puffs up in 80ms.

The belt is “light, soft and adjustable”, and comes in four sizes.

Battery life is up to 15 days.  The system essentially turns off if the belt is removed and when no move is detected, like when you’re asleep. A charger is included.

To turn on the belt, you just put it on. And to turn it off, you guessed it!



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