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Futuristic ice cream cones

Bizarre Tech: Sunburn-proof bikini, twirly ice cream and clever kettle

Image credit: Rex

For this paperless issue, we thought we’d would share some gadgets and technology that never made it to print. Here is a random selection of the best and weirdest.

Spinali Design Bikini

Be beach-smart, you dummies.

You’re on a sunny beach somewhere and the new bikini you impulsively bought is just about covering your modesty whilst you sunbathe, swim and frolic. Whilst having all this fun, you forget to reapply your sun lotion. This is where the Spinali Design bikini comes in.

A smart UV sensor registers when you need to slap on some more sunblock or when to move out of the harmful rays, depending on your skin type. The information is sent to an app on your phone so you’re alerted. Not that you’d know that applying skin protection regularly in sunny conditions is recommended by pretty much everyone.

What a miracle to beachgoers this is. I really need this, otherwise I’m just going to lie in the midday sun with no protection whatsoever and burn to a crisp.

Have a look if you want to invest around £110 on a piece of material:


Rotating ice cream

You spin me right round.

The makers of Kitsch’n’Fun’s twirling ice cream cone probably thought it would revolutionise the dessert world. You hold the plastic device, plop some of your favourite iced dessert on top, then press a button to spin the pudding in a monotonous circle as you lick away.

Remember the childhood trips to the seaside and the long-awaited ice cream cone during a warm summer day? The delicious dessert would always melt in the sunshine if you were too slow about it. It would get a little messy, but it was all part of the enjoyment.

This plastic thing wants to ruin it for all of us.

If you gave this pointless contraption to a kid, it would amuse them for a little while. Yet isn’t the wafery goodness one of the main selling points of ice cream on a cone?

The bright plastic cone comes in four colours - one for every mood.

I can hardly contain myself.

If you don’t want to risk the stickiness of the dessert on your hands, put the stuff in a bowl or tub and use a spoon. Depending on whether you like the edible vessel or not, have a piece of wafer sticking out of the pudding. Don’t buy something that requires batteries to spin your glob of ice cream around in an incessant circle.

If you’re too lazy to rotate it yourself, you’re too lazy for fun.

Available on Amazon


When you want a cuppa NOW!!

The iKettle is pretty much what it says on the tin. You use an app on your phone to turn the smart gadget on. It’s Wi-Fi enabled, so you don’t have to walk to the kitchen and switch the kettle on.

You know, because it takes such an effort usually. So. Much. Effort.

Wait! What if you’re in the garden and want to spend those few precious moments basking in the sun in your Spinali bikini? What if you’ve just got home, but you’re not out of your car, so you need to get your phone and activate the app and tell it to turn the kettle on for a brew? It’s so timesaving; I don’t know why it wasn’t thought of earlier.

Check out the £100 smart kettle.

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