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Verizon’s 5G networks to provide home internet access from 2018

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5G internet services are to be launched next year by American carrier Verizon, but will initially only be available for home broadband rather than mobile services.

Verizon said it was the first example of a commercial application using the technology and users will see a “next-generation broadband” experience. The service will be available in three to five US markets initially.

The first 5G standard is expected to be finalised at the beginning of next year, following which further improvements will be made.

A global standard needs to be created and agreed upon by many different parties in order to ensure broad compatibility with devices and networks across the globe.

Verizon made it clear that it has big plans for 5G in the future and this is just the beginning of a broad rollout.

“As 5G continues to evolve, customers will benefit from a wide array of services - including broadband, mobile and IoT (Internet of things) - and the necessary bandwidth and low latency for 3D and virtual reality applications,” it said.

Verizon’s first commercial launch is planned to be in Sacramento, California, in the second half of 2018. The exact details of the launch, and the announcement of additional markets, will be provided at a later date.

Verizon has already successfully trialled 5G residential applications this year and the commercial launch is based on Verizon’s “confidence in new technology powered by millimeter-wave spectrum”.

The carrier believes that the market opportunity for 5G residential broadband services could be up to 30 million US households.

“This is a landmark announcement for customers and investors who have been waiting for the 5G future to become a reality,” said Hans Vestberg, Verizon president of Global Networks and Chief Technology Officer.

“We appreciate our strong ecosystem partners for their passion and technological support in helping us drive forward with 5G industry standards, for both fixed and mobile applications. The targeted initial launches we are announcing today will provide a strong framework for accelerating 5G’s future deployment on the global standards.”

Earlier this week it was revealed that a live 5G-based test network is to be set up in Bristol city centre as part of a joint research programme between the University of Bristol, BT and Nokia that will investigate the best ways to use the technology in dense urban settings.

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