A lady wearing a blue dress surrounded by chickens

The bigger picture: Recycled fashion

Image credit: Caters news

Suchanatda Kaewsa-ngas

Talented designer Suchanatda Kaewsa-ngas (also known as Kiki) has shown that you don’t need the amenities of the western world to make stunning dresses like the one this model is wearing.Her incredible works are created using natural and recycled materials, such as wheat, bamboo, leaves, grass and fishnets. The Thai designer is self-taught and uses her cousins and friends, who are all transgender, as models.

Kaewsa-ngas hopes to inspire others to pursue their dreams no matter who they are or where they come from.

Her work was noticed by filmmaker Keow Wee Loong and his friends, photographer Mackidd Khor and videographer Delon Ng, while they were recently travelling through her neighbourhood.

The dress pictured here is made from blue netting that had previously been spread on the ground as a surface for chickens to feed on.

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