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Hands-on review: K’asq Sport Wireless In-Ear Sports Earbuds

K’asq Sport Wireless In-Ear Sports Earbuds: now you can take your music with you to the gym or the jungle, whatever the weather.

People want to take their music everywhere they go today, living that ‘soundtrack life’ - anywhere they are, their favourite songs are always playing in the background, enhancing the experience and creating a cinematic sensation of the story of their own life.

Until relatively recently, we were all encumbered by headphone cables, tangling in our hands and hair, snagging on door handles and yanking us back, eventually causing the cable to fray so that music only played out of one ear or possibly both as long as we held the cable just so and didn’t move a muscle.

Of course, moving muscles is precisely what going to the gym is all about, so tangling, frayed cables are never going to be a satisfactory state of affairs. For our more active times, what we need is something wireless. We’ve moved on from the necklace style, with a short cable round the back of the head, and now we’re at a point where true wireless earbuds are a viable possibility. Nothing can get in the way of a workout now.   

K’asq Sport Wireless In-Ear Sports Earbuds promises us ‘100% Wireless, 100% Freedom’, available in either 100 per cent White or 100 per cent Dark Grey finish.

IP55 certified, these buds are sweat and water resistant, including against tropical rain. You can’t submerge them for swimming, but they’ll withstand heavy rain or you wearing them while in the shower. They have a stated five-hour playtime, although actual real-world mileage can and will vary, depending on e.g. volume levels and style of music played. There should still be more than enough juice even for one of Sir Mo Farah’s long-distance runs.

When charged, the buds retain power for 100 hours in standby mode and automatically turn off when disconnected from your playback device to save battery life. Charging is accomplished via the neat charge box included in the package. This metal-covered box has an embedded USB cable, so that’s one less thing to forget or lose. Three LEDs indicate charging progress and K’asq estimates it takes approximately 1h 45m to fully recharge both buds.

The style of these earbuds is that in which the main body of each bud sits slightly outside the ear canal, as opposed to the whole unit being fully inserted. It’s a little like wearing Bluetooth mic/earpieces on each ear, although each one only weighs 9g so they’re in no way cumbersome.

As these earbuds are specifically designed for sportspeople, K’asq developed its own patented “anti-fall in-ear design” with mutiple rubber ‘wings’ for a secure fit and soft tips for greater comfort when worn for extended periods. Five sizes of tips are included for you to find the best fit. The idea is that whatever sport you’re doing, however active or extreme or upside-down you are, the earbuds will stay in place.

With Bluetooth 4.1, pairing to any device is straightforward, be it computer, phone or watch. There’s also a mic for phone calls. K’asq says it has reworked the antenna and radio from its previous wireless headsets to ensure reliable connectivity with no drop outs. Certainly, we didn’t experience any major issues or annoyances when out running or cycling. We didn’t try them while trampolining or abseiling but we see no reason why the results would vary wildly.

How do they sound? The spec sheet reveals 8mm speaker drivers, a sensitivity of 95dB, 32 ohm impedance, the standard 20Khz-20,000Hz frequency range and between 30 and 40 per cent “passive noise reduction”, depending on the size of the buds you’re using. In other words, the more silicon you’ve stuffed in your ears, the less you can hear of the world around you. There is still enough ambient leakage to keep you safe and aware of your surroundings.  

Sonically, according to K’asq, these earbuds were tested and rated four-star by Augmented Acoustics Lab. To our ears, they sound good. Not amazing, but good. A decent sound. They won’t blow you away with jaw-dropping clarity and punch and you’re not going to ditch your favourite high-end headphones in favour of these.

That’s not the point, though. In fact, that’s entirely missing the point of these earbuds. Your favourite high-end headphones made of expensive leathers and metals and which sound like the voice of God almost certainly aren’t sweat and rain resistant. You don’t want to wear them while you’re working out in the gym, or out running in the rain, or cycling through the city. If they’re also wired, fuggeddaboudit.

It’s horses for courses and these K’asq Sport Wireless In-Ear Sports Earbuds were purposely designed for the track, or the gym, or the ring, or the road, or - anywhere you simply want to be accompanied by music while you focus on your physical exertions.  

These are earbuds made for exercise time and for this specific use case they score highly. You have your outfit for the gym and appropriate shoes for the exercise you choose. These are the earbuds you drop into your gym bag or keep next to your running shoes.  

K'asq Sport Wireless In-Ear Sports Earbuds, €99,99

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