Some IET Innovation Awards trophies, yesterday

Groundbreaking innovations and exceptional engineers honoured at IET Innovation Awards

The most pioneering engineering and technology innovations across 15 sectors, from energy and sustainability to transport and healthcare, were celebrated at the IET’s Innovation Awards last night.

The winning entries featured ideas that are set to have a game-changing impact on society, improving the way we live and work. They include new ways of increasing online privacy, improving healthcare and patient welfare, cutting energy consumption and enhancing road safety.

Double award-winner Creavo Medical Technologies stood out in the Emerging Technology Design and Healthcare Technology categories for their cutting-edge scanner that helps doctors in emergency departments rule out serious heart disorders at an early stage.

The Hong Kong Productivity Council came out on top in the Power category for its revolutionary recycling process that generates high-purity biogas from food waste. The process also produces fish feed and waste oil for biodiesel production, leaving no residual waste for disposal and reducing carbon emissions at the same time.

Another double award-winner, Navtech Radar, received recognition for its automatic incident detection system that can accurately detect vehicles, pedestrians, animals and debris in all temperatures and weather conditions along an entire motorway, improving traffic flow and road safety. It took home the prize in the Transport and Navigation and Surveillance Communications categories.

The winners of the awards were selected by a distinguished panel of industry experts from nearly 300 entries from 25 countries.

The 2017 IET Innovation Award winners are:

  • Communications: Xilinx, for its single-chip 5G antenna interface device that dramatically reduces the size, power and complexity of traditional antenna structures.
  • Cyber Security: The Open University, for its privacy innovation that improves awareness of personal information threats in real-time and enables privacy to be managed more easily.
  • Emerging Technology Design: Creavo Medical Technologies, for a cutting-edge, non-invasive scanner to rule out heart attacks in emergency departments.
  • Energy: IntelliDigest Limited, for an automated kitchen-fitted food waste digester to safely reprocess food waste into clean energy before it is recycled.
  • Healthcare Technologies: Creavo Medical Technologies, for a cutting-edge, non-invasive scanner to rule out heart attack in emergency departments.
  • Horizontal Innovation: Luminance Technologies Ltd, for a legal technology innovation which uses artificial intelligence that learns and understands like a human brain.
  • Information Technology: Laura Networks, for its virtual robot that uses artificial intelligence and machine-learning technology to process data more effectively and improve productivity.
  • Intelligent Systems: Toshiba Medical, for its Clinical Cockpit invention which gathers diverse digital healthcare data in one place to help medical professionals with their diagnosis.
  • Manufacturing Technology: The Hong Kong Polytechnic University, for a multi-sensor system for 3D surface measurement to enhance precision manufacturing processes.
  • Model-Based Engineering: PETRONAS, for a revolutionary tool for safe and efficient drilling which can predict wellbore failure at the initiation stage before drilling has begun.
  • Navigation and Surveillance Communications: Navtech Radar, for ClearWay which provides accurate and reliable vehicle tracking and automatic incident detection which helps to improve traffic flow and enhance safety on motorways.
  • Power: Hong Kong Productivity Council, for an innovative recycling process that generates biogas from food waste, solving the problem of food waste disposal while generating renewable energy and reducing carbon emissions.
  • Start-up: Ubiqutek, for its next-generation technology that uses electricity to kill weeds, providing a sustainable, organic alternative to chemical herbicides.
  • Sustainability: National University of Singapore, for a unique air-conditioning technology that saves energy by using a non-traditional foil-like membrane to reduce air humidity.
  • Transport: Navtech Radar, for ClearWay which provides accurate and reliable vehicle tracking and automatic incident detection which helps to improve traffic flow and enhance safety on motorways.

IET President Nick Winser CBE said, “Our Innovation Awards put the achievements of the most outstanding engineering and technology inventors around the world into the spotlight and play a critical role in helping them advance their vital work.

“Innovation is an essential foundation for the growth of the global economy and for raising the standard of living in all communities. It is a key differentiator that makes companies and projects successful and, in keeping with the IET’s mission to inspire excellence in engineering and technology, we are immensely proud to recognise, celebrate and show our support for these exceptional achievements.”

To mark the announcement of this year’s IET Innovation Award winners, E&T has produced a special supplement for Apple and Android tablet devices with details of the finalists in all 15 categories.

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