Unfold unveiled in Amsterdam

‘Unfold’ container unpacks itself to become a full building at the press of a button

Image credit: G3Spaces

UK innovation company Ten Fold Engineering has unpacked the world’s first folding building, called Unfold, at the press of a button during the product launch in the Netherlands.

The ingenious design from UK innovation company Ten Fold Engineering was taken up and turned into the first real product by Netherlands-based G3Spaces.

‘Unfold’, as the flexible and moveable building is called, arrives on site in the shape of a standard shipping container on a lorry. At the press of a button, legs descend on either side and the lorry can be driven away so that Unfold loads and unloads itself. The sides move up to form the roof, the walls move outwards and at the same time the floor folds down to make a fully-functioning building of up to 100 square metres, with doors, windows, internal partitions, toilet, basin and bar. It integrates utilities like heating, cooling, plumbing and electrical services. It is insulated to withstand tough weather conditions, so it can be used all over the world. 

Inventor David Martyn, founder and CEO of Ten Fold Engineering, explained that the cleverest patented feature is the simple cantilevered mechanism that pushes the walls out while the floors unfolds down under gravity, with only a small amount of power required to fold them up again.

“The Unfold is an exciting invention offering near limitless possibilities in the world of mobile spaces,” according to Chris Dijk, Co-Founder of G3Spaces. “The 21st-century customer wants smarter, more sustainable places that address the demands of our dynamic society. We offer smart, relocatable spaces for work, living and leisure and our first example is the Unfold, the world’s most mobile building.” 

Dutch design company Tjep is responsible for the interior of the unit. The Unfold will tour the Middle East as a product showcase, with launching partner Tharawat, starting from December. 

Unfold can be customised for work, living or leisure. Multiple Unfolds can be joined together to create larger buildings, such as homes, hotels, schools or offices. G3Spaces expects to sell the Unfold mainly for use in hospitality or other events, as operations centres or office space, but it could be used for almost anything. 

Untold interior shot

The first Unfold Interior design is designed to suit tastes in the Middle East

Image credit: G3Spaces

Unfold closeup

The Unfold assembles itself in minutes

Image credit: G3Spaces

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