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Drinkers pour their own pints and pay at automated beer-serving machines

Pub-goers could soon be pulling their own pints thanks to a new self-service draft beer system that even includes contactless payment terminals.

Created by Drink Command, the machines are already being trialled by some Hilton Hotels and the bar at The University of Reading.

They currently accept contactless, NFC and other payment methods at the tap, such as Apple Pay and Android Pay.

The company hasn’t as yet outlined how it will help inexperienced customers pour pints with an acceptable head of foam.

Matt Tebbit, who runs the bar at the University of Reading said: “Our 16-tap self-serve beer wall has allowed us to increase our capacity to serve more customers and hold our existing staff levels by giving patrons the option to order from the bar or serve themselves at their leisure.”


“There is a change of mindset happening in the beer dispense industry, similar to how self-serve technology has improved the way we buy petrol for our cars or how supermarkets have improved queuing times with self-scan checkouts,” said Robbie Ward, marketing director at Drink Command.

“By focusing on beer industry ‘pain points’, such as capacity issues at busy venues and payment complexity, we have created a solution that is being adopted by the beer industry at scale.”

“Consumer expectations are radically changing. They prefer spending money on events, or ‘experiences,’ but demand the speed of service they’ve grown accustomed to online,” said Kevin Freeguard, managing director at Verifone, the company looking after the payment side of the new machines.

“Drink Command enables hospitality venues to meet customers’ evolving demands in an innovative way, while also addressing their payment system needs, with a single ‘all-in-one’ solution.”

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