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Tesla Model S runs for 1,078 kilometres on a single charge

A team of drivers in Italy has managed to drive a Tesla Model S for 1078 kilometres on only one battery charge, marking a new record for production line electric vehicles.

The record was beaten on 4 August 2017 by a Tesla ModelS 100D that drove for 29 hours in total and took a route through suburban roads in Salerno, in the south of Italy.

The challenge was organised and won by Tesla Owners Club Italia, a non-profit association recognised by Tesla as Italy’s official Owners Club.

The car is a normal production car with standard low rolling resistance tyres, although the air conditioning was kept off to save power while a smooth driving approach helped the team reach their target.

“The driving was made simply by the semiautonomous driving system which helped us to keep a constant speed in the middle of the lane,” said one of the drivers, Rosario Pingaro.

The journey had an average speed of 40 km/h and five members of the Italian Tesla Owners Club drove the car individually when the last driver got tired.

“To complete the 1078 km record distance, we used 98.4 kW/h of electricity, which is equivalent to eight litres of gas,” said Tesla Owners Club Italia President Luca Del Bo.

The club states the journey was made possible thanks to high output of the electric engine that uses 95 per cent of the energy for motion.

In comparison, even the most efficient combustion engines today do not exceed 30 per cent efficiency.

The previous world record for the feat took place in Belgium with a Tesla ModelS P100D, which stopped at 901.2 kilometers.

Tesla boss Elon Musk posted about the achievement on Twitter, stating that it was the first time a production electric vehicle had exceeded 1000 kilometres on a single charge.

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