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Apple iPhone 8: leaked firmware suggests larger screen and facial recognition technology

Leaked details about Apple’s forthcoming iPhone 8, set to be released later this year, have revealed that the handset will contain a screen that takes up the entire front face of the device, along with a facial recognition system in place of the current model iPhone’s Touch ID fingerprint sensor.

The details emerged in an internal build of Apple’s HomePod smart speaker firmware that was accidentally published online and discovered by some developers.

The next iPhone, codenamed D22, will reportedly be called either the iPhone 8, iPhone X or iPhone Pro and is expected to be revealed in September.

In comparison to earlier generations, the display on this iPhone will stretch across the entire front face of the device with minimal bezels, except for a cutaway at the top which is expected to house the front-facing camera, speaker and other sensors.

The fingerprint scanner, dubbed Touch ID, used in previous iPhone models has been replaced with facial recognition technology.

Apple is reportedly working on a fingerprint scanner that could be placed underneath the screen. Rumoured yield issues and unreliable scanning have prevented them from including it this time around.

The facial recognition system, which bears the codename PearlID, contains more data points than the fingerprint scanners found on older models, making it more secure in theory.

In addition, the leaked data points towards the inclusion of an infra-red camera which would allow the system to work in the dark.

PearlID looks like it will also be made available to developers meaning that it might be used for purposes other than security. This could include apps that track when users are paying attention or games that could require players to do something specific with their face.

Lastly, a “smartcam” system is expected to be included which will be able to detect and understand the scene that the camera is pointed at and will optimise the settings to create the best photo.

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