Trainy McTrainface

Swedish rail operator confirms Trainy McTrainface name after overwhelming public support

Image credit: MTR Express

A Swedish rail firm, MTR Express, is to allow one of its new fleet of trains to be named Trainy McTrainface after the suggestion won a public naming competition resoundingly.

“[This is] news that will be received with joy by many, not just in Sweden,” the company announced in a statement.

In a poll run by MTR Express and Metro, a Swedish newspaper, Trainy McTrainface was by far the most popular suggestion, winning  49 per cent of the votes. Unsuccessful suggestions for names were Poseidon, Hakam and Miriam. Two further new trains will be named Glenn (a popular name in Gothenburg) and Estelle. Another train, Ingvar, was named before the polls opened, while the final new train will be named by MTR staff.

Trainy McTrainface will run between Stockholm and Gothenburg, the country’s second largest city. It will be formally named at official celebrations in upcoming months, along with the rest of the new fleet.

The name is, of course, a reference to Boaty McBoatface. in 2016, a public naming competition run by the Natural Environment Research Council for a new £200m polar research vessel revealed that Boaty McBoatface was by far the most popular name.

However, the research council overruled the vote, and instead opted for the RRS Sir David Attenborough.

Instead, the name was given to an unmanned research submarine that will be based on the RRS Sir David Attenborough. Boaty recently completed its first mission.

This choice resulted in debate about the inappropriateness of giving an expensive research vessel a joke name versus the inappropriateness of ignoring a democratic choice. The House of Lords Science and Technology Committee concluded that the “Name Our Ship” competition had been successful in engaging the public with research projects.

The joke has been well-worn, with Google naming a natural language parser Parsey McParseface, and a baby penguin at Hunstanton Sea Life Sanctuary being christened Fluffy McFluffyface.

“We like this name as we think that Boaty McBoatface from [the] UK kind of got his revenge now by his cousin Trainy McTrainface winning this poll,” an MTR spokesperson told the ABC.

“I can guarantee with my life that the train will be called Trainy McTrainface,” a MTR employee said, when questioned by English-language Swedish news site, The Local.

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