What women want: seven creative gadgets designed for women by women

From smart pregnancy trackers to biomechanical underwear which helps to improve posture, check out these seven innovative female-focused wearables and gadgets, designed by women, created for women and selected for publication by a woman.

Bloomlife Smart Pregnancy Tracker - priced from $49            

Device for pregnant women tracking uterine muscle contractions. Long-term monitoring helps to recognise signs of early labour. 

Kwema Safety Bracelet - priced from $89            

Bracelet with panic button, syncs with phone to alert contacts and nearby safety network members if help needed. 

Natural Cycles - priced from £49.99       

A fertility app and drug-free contraceptive method. By analysing a woman’s bodily temperature the app advises when to use protection or abstain. 

Ava Cycle Tracker - priced from £199          

Only worn at night, this fertility tracker uses sensor technology to provide information on fertile days, stress level and sleep quality. 

Posture Wings - price TBA          

Adjustable upper-torso positioning support integrated into fashionable underwear to promote good posture and improve biomechanics. 

Nimb Smart Ring - priced from $129          

Ring equipped with a hidden panic button to alert loved ones when the wearer is in danger. Its innovative design is easy to use even when hands are restricted. 

Elvie Kegel Trainer - priced from £149          

Used to strengthen the pelvic floor muscles, which are important for female wellbeing, this internal kegel trainer helps to develop muscle tone.

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