Toyota Concept i

Toyota and NTT to collaborate on platform for connected cars

Car manufacturer Toyota and the Nippon Telegraph and Telephone Corporation (NTT) have announced they are to collaborate on the development of technology for connected cars.

The two companies hope to share their expertise and resources, using data derived from automotive vehicles to start developing technologies that could solve a series of vehicle-related issues, such as accidents and traffic congestion.

The collaboration will combine Toyota’s automotive technology with the NTT’s knowledge of Information and Communication (ICT) technologies. 

Ultimately, the joint venture aims to establish a sustainable Smart Mobility Society operating worldwide; promoting smarter, sustainable and connected vehicles. 

During their collaboration, Toyota’s main responsibility will be to research and develop an ICT platform for connected cars. 

The NTT Group will contribute by developing technologies for collection and analysis of large amounts of vehicle-related data, establishing a global ICT infrastructure optimised to the IoT and promoting 5G implementation for autonomous vehicles.

The NTT will also promote international standardization of R&D and voice-enabled technologies.

Recently, Toyota also teamed up with Microsoft, who agreed to license its patents for IoT connected vehicles to the car manufacturer.

Through its partnership with Microsoft, Toyota will be given access to a wider range of Microsoft’s car-technologies, including voice-enabled technology, operating systems, motion control, voice-recognition software, AI and navigation software. 

A field trial assessing the feasibility of services for connected cars should take place in 2018.

Toyota unveiled its latest vision of the automotive future, the Toyota Concept-i, at CES 2017 in Las Vegas.

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