Citrus Zinger Infusion water bottle

If CES 2017 was anything to go by, issues of health and wellbeing are uppermost in everyone’s mind these days. We’re all being exhorted to stand up more, move about more, sit down less, eat more wholefoods, eat less junk food, drink more water, drink less alcohol. It’s exhausting - even though we know it’s the right choice.

It’s a big help to us, therefore, when products come along that make it relatively easy to make the effort to stay healthy. Take increased water consumption, for example. Water bottles of varying sizes, colours, materials and complexity have long been a mainstay of school and workplace desks.

Sometimes, though, we all need that extra something to encourage us to stay the distance and consume the two or three litres that we’re advised to every day. Some folk find plain water plain boring; others have an issue with the piped and treated water in their office.

Enter products such as the Citrus Zinger, on review here. The fine art of ‘zinging’ has begun appearing more and more in recent months, applied to a number of products all riffing on variations on the theme of ‘making water more interesting’.

Citrus Zinger gift set

The simple idea is that by incorporating a fruit squeezer directly into the body of the bottle, you can add fresh juice to water any time you and fruit happen to be in the same room at the same time. When you’re fully refreshed, your thirst for zesty water sated and your daily liquid intake hitting the RDA heights, you can sling the whole lot in the dishwasher or kitchen sink, clean it up and start again tomorrow. It couldn’t be easier.

What this Citrus Zinger Infusion water bottle gift set brings to the party is a strong BPA/EA-free plastic bottle with a manageable capacity (795ml) - not too big that it’s unwieldly, not too small that you’re forever refilling it - and also three attachments, with which you can tackle a variety of fruits.  

“Zing anything” is this product’s motto and the attachments are intended to help you realise this fruit-based aqua nirvana (with the possible exception of coconuts). The citrus press takes care of the usual lemons, limes and orange family of fruits for detoxing and alkalising one’s body temple. The cucumber slicer is primarily intended for our slender green vegetable friend (although there’s no need to let this serving suggestion rein in your creativity), while the kiwi reamer neatly takes care of said diminutive furry fruit, tidily extracting the juice, pulp and seeds but keeping the skin and pith intact.    

Operation is straightforward with any of the attachments. Simply unscrew the bottom cup, flip the bottle upside down and rest it on the top cup, attach your blade of choice, press your preferred fruit and begin to zing. Replace the bottom cup (tightly) and then top the bottle up with water - tap or mineral, still or sparkling - and away you go.

Cleaning up is straightforward: dissemble the bottle into its constituent parts, rinse (all components are dishwasher safe) and repeat your zinging.

Other features include a finger loop around the bottle’s collar for carrying or attaching to a bag, while the wide mouth on the bottle makes filling up spill-free and easily accomodates ice cubes.

One of the nice features of the Citrus Zing is that this bottle holds the fruit at the bottom, rather than letting it float free in the main water chamber all the time. The upside of this is that you can give the bottle a gentle shake from time to time to ‘wake’ the fruit, to re-mix the contents, but when you tilt the bottle to take a drink all that fruit doesn't come piling towards your mouth.

Instead of fighting for water through a bottle-neck - literally! - of  squeezed fruit pieces, you can drink as if the bottle contained nothing but pure water. It sounds like a small thing, but in everyday use it’s a godsend. You can still fill the main water chamber with fruit, if you want to. We found that we preferred our fruit held at bay when drinking. 

Citrus Zinger gift set

As it happens, we have tried and tested a few examples of this type of water bottle. Ultimately, there isn’t a lot to choose between one plastic water bottle and another - it really comes down to personal choice and any uniquely useful features.

The Citrus Zinger Infusion Water Bottle gift set pushes itself ahead of its water-zinging peers because of those three fruit and veg squeezing, slicing and coring attachments and some subtle but key design improvements, such as the fruit-floating suppression chamber in place at the bottom of the bottle. When you’re using a water bottle every day to chug your two litre-RDA - as we all should be, of course - it’s these little things that really matter.

Buy the Citrus Zinger Infusion water bottle online, £20

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