Murata cheerleader robot

Murata's cheerleader robots make US dancing debut at CES 2017

Image credit: Jonathan Wilson

Electronics manufacturer Murata used CES to showcase its troupe of dancing cheerleader robots for the first time in the US.

The four robots performed their synchronised routine to 'Cheer Cheer', a piece of music written expressly for them, in a four-minute show that Murata has devised as a charming way of demonstrating "the infinite possibilities of electronics" and, as the company says, "to cheer innovators everywhere".

The diminutive robots are each equipped with five ultrasonic microphones and four infrared sensors, installed in their heads, so that they never bump into each other whilst dancing.

Data from the sensors is shared via a wireless network, enabling each robot's position to be accurately tracked in real time.

Relative positioning to each other is determined via a combination of ultrasonic and infra-red signals, which travel at different speeds.

Each robot also has a communication module to relay its data to a central control system, where the relative positions of each robot are processed.

The rubber-coated metal sphere beneath each robot is the travelling mechanism. Three gyro sensors - similar to those used in the electronic stability control systems of vehicles - identify the direction the body is leaning toward. The robot then moves in that direction. Body alignment remains straight and stable, courtesy of the inverted pendulum control technology.

The synchronisation of the performance is controlled by software algorithms.

You can watch the performance in full in E&T's exclusive video below. Don't blame us if you're humming the music for the rest of your day.


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