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LG unveils ‘wallpaper’ thin TVs; Sony builds speakers into its Bravia screens

TVs that are “as thin as wallpaper” have been announced by LG while Sony has demonstrated a model that emits sound directly from the screen without the need for speakers.

Big name brands LG, Samsung and Sony have all used the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas to unveil what they each believe are the next generation of televisions. 

LG’s new Signature OLED W, which is only 2.57mm thick, attaches to walls using magnetic brackets, creating the illusion it is mounted into the wall. 

LG OLED TV wallpaper

Rival Sony introduced the latest generation of its Bravia televisions, some of which contain a new technology called Acoustic Sound, which uses vibrations through the screen to emit sound without the need for any additional speakers.

The technology giant will place the Acoustic Sound technology into its new line of Bravia OLED TVs – the company’s first to use OLED – and those over 55in in size.

The introduction of OLED will see Sony’s larger screen TVs house over eight million self-illuminating pixels that better render colour and prevents any blurring in images.

The new Bravia X Series and A Series will also come complete with ultra-high-definition 4K and High Dynamic Range (HDR) technology that the firm says will help deliver a wider range of brightness and higher contrast.

Sony chief executive Kazuo Hirai called the new TV technology “ingenious”, adding that he believed it would create new “immersive experiences” for customers.

Hirai also revealed Sony’s flagship games console, the PlayStation 4, had now moved past 53 million units sold since launching in 2013.

Sony also announced a new 4K ultra-high-definition Blu-ray player and high-resolution audio sound bar as the technology giant focused on its home entertainment products.

The show floor of the Las Vegas Convention Centre will open for the first time on Thursday, with more than 170,000 people expected to attend over the four-day event.

Smart household appliances are also expected to draw big crowds after Samsung unveiled a second generation of the Family Hub smart fridge that houses a touchscreen on the door.

The new appliance now responds to voice commands for the first time.

LG also revealed a smart fridge able to understand voice commands as part of a link with Amazon’s Echo artificial intelligence software, the same technology that powers the Echo speaker.

Some 600 start-up firms will also have the chance to raise awareness of their products, with sleep and well-being technology among the most popular trends already emerging at the show.

Smart mattresses and anti-snoring devices are among those that will be on show, as is Nightingale, an ambient sound device designed to emit “sound blankets” that cut out background noises such as street traffic or dripping taps that can wake people up.

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