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IK refreshes iRig line-up for electric and acoustic guitarists

IK Multimedia has launched two new products for electric and acoustic guitarists at NAMM 2017, the annual music technology industry event.

Firstly, the Italian company has uprated the specification of its iRig Pro audio interface. Compatible with iPhone, iPad, Mac and PC, iRig Pro I/O adds MIDI in/out, 24-bit/96KHz recording quality, a 3.5mm headphone jack and dedicated volume control – enabling the device to be used with the latest Apple devices without a headphone jack – and the ability to run off batteries or mains power and thus also charge your device whilst using it.

With the iRig Pro I/O’s various jacks and connectors, a wide array of equipment can be attached - not just standard guitars, but also basses, microphones (dynamic, condenser and ribbon), keyboards, drum machines and more. The audio signal can be routed to a mobile device or computer and the performance recorded, plus any MIDI tracks as well.

The combo XLR/¼" Neutrik input jack accepts all line level, unbalanced Hi-Z or XLR microphone connections, with switchable 48V phantom power. Input gain is controlled via the precision-marked knob, with the multi-colour LED indicator providing a visual check of the optimum input gain level to prevent clipping.

The 3.5mm/1/8" headphone/line out has a dedicated level control, which as well as driving headphones can also be used to send the signal out to mixers or powered monitor speakers.

The iRig Pro I/O can be powered either by two AA batteries or via USB or the direct DC dedicated power supply unit, which will also charge a connected iPhone or iPad while in use for unlimited playing or recording time, on stage and in the studio.

The iRig Pro I/O will be available from April 2017 for a scheduled price of €149.99.

Secondly, IK has expanded the functionality and feature set of its iRig Acoustic clip-on preamp, building on the original pick-up’s premise to produce the iRig Acoustic Stage.

This new system is an advanced microphone, preamp and digital processor system designed to enable players to produce a true acoustic tone, any time and anywhere. The iRig Acoustic Stage combines an advanced MEMS microphone that clips on to the sound hole of an acoustic instrument with a preamp and DSP unit that captures all the tone, vibe and "air" of the instrument when playing live or recording in home and project studios.

The iRig Acoustic Stage’s patented system can be used with any make of acoustic guitar or other acoustic instruments – such as ukulele, acoustic bass, bouzouki, mandolin etc – to reproduce the sound as if it were captured with a classic, full recording studio set-up.

Players simply clip the iRig Acoustic Stage's microphone to the sound hole of their instrument, attach it to the iRig Acoustic Stage pre-amplifier and digital processor, then connect the output of that to a mixer or acoustic guitar amplifier.

For players who currently perform with an acoustic-electric, iRig Acoustic Stage is intended to enhance the guitar's live tone. The iRig Acoustic Stage also features an AUX (auxiliary) input with a blend control that lets players blend their guitar's existing, preinstalled pickup system with the output of iRig Acoustic Stage, providing greater tonal flexibility and fullness.

The iRig Acoustic Stage uses an ultra-compact MEMS microphone to capture the acoustic's sound from the guitar's sound hole. It can be quickly slid into place or removed from the sound hole of the instrument with zero modification to the instrument required. This lets players use iRig Acoustic Stage on all of their acoustics during performance.

The whole system comprises a 32-bit digital processor, acoustic preamp and MEMS microphone, with the unit analysing the signal coming from the guitar - the overall sound and nuance of the instrument, as well as the player’s technique - and builds the optimum tone profile for the instrument that delivers a warm, round and balanced acoustic sound.

This tone profile can then be enhanced through the use of six selectable tone presets, depending upon the playing situation, with iRig Acoustic Stage offering three presets for steel-string instruments - natural, warm, bright - and the same three optimised for nylon string instruments. A digital feedback suppression algorithm is also built in to the system.

Finally, the iRig Acoustic Stage also features a class-compliant USB audio output jack, making it perfect for direct connection to a computer or a mobile device for plug-and-play recording in any DAW or recording app.

The iRig Acoustic Stage is available now for €99.99.

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