Earin listens to feedback in creating true wireless mic-enabled M2 earbuds

Swedish earphone company Earin has announced the second generation of its true wireless M1 earbuds, now naturally called the M2. These offer better earbud to earbud communication for fewer signal dropouts; a smaller, lighter design; better quality components and a microphone, so the wearer can now make and take phone calls.

After a successful Kickstarter campaign and subsequent product launch of the M1 earbuds, Earin has now taken on board valid criticism of the first iteration, producing a new version that addresses the perceived shortcomings of the M1 to create the M2.

During an exclusive demonstration to E&T in Las Vegas for CES 2017, Earin unveiled the smaller, lighter earbuds, as well as the exemplary noise-cancelling functionality of the M2 design, intended to make conversations in noisy environments straightforward. The M2s employ a dual-microphone set-up to eliminate background noise, also taking advantage in their placement of the shape of the human ear to further shield ambient noise and provide superior audio reproduction.

While Earin's original design was already one of the most discreet in-ear devices on the market, in redesigning the unit Earin has taken fresh inspiration from its competitors, both good and bad. Earin acknowledges that the wireless earbud market is growing fast, but also points out the design and audio shortcomings of most products available today.

The M2 earbuds convey an attractive sense of minimalist Scandinavian design, married to cutting-edge technology, with each earbud weighing barely a few grams. The quality of peripheral components has also been improved, with platic elements in the magnetic docking charging capsule replaced by machined aluminium, offering a reassuring heft and sense of quality.

Each full charge of the case will provide up to three hours of playback for the earbuds and three subsequent recharge boosts, before the whole capsule requires recharging. This recharging should be completed within an hour and a half. New LED indicator lights on the M2 capsule case show the state of charge capacity.

Controlling the M2 earbuds is achieved via a touch interface on the tip of the earbud and the improved communication between each earbud and the parent audio device (e.g. your smartphone) has been solved by the use of proprietary technology, developed by Earin. Dual antenna and near-field magnetic induction (NFMI) powered by NXP Semiconductors results in a reliable and stable connection.

“The hearables category is expected to grow to a $16bn market by 2020 and we are leading the field with a true wireless product designed to provide increased functionality that solves the current issues of smart audio devices found in the marketplace today,” said Kiril Trajkovski, co-founder and president of Earin.

“Our top-notch team of audio, electronic, mechanical and software engineers worked hand-in-hand with our in-house product and antenna designers to create a fashionable ‘ear’gonomic design and technology that addresses both wireless stability and audio quality.”

Earin is still a young company, established in 2014 by a group of engineers, software writers and technology professionals, many of whom had previously worked in the mobile industry for the likes of Sony Ericsson and Nokia, acquiring the necessary expertise to fit high-precision electronics in very small spaces.

The M2 earbuds are scheduled to ship to retail in late Q1/early Q2. E&T will review the M2 earbuds as soon as they are available.

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