The xStorage home battery from Nissan

Orders open for home energy storage units that reuse old car batteries

Image credit: Nissan Europe

Three European countries are now taking orders for xStorage, the joint venture between car giant Nissan and power management specialist Eaton. The residential energy storage units provide a second life to batteries from Nissan's electric cars as well as a way for households to save energy costs.

Pre-orders have begun in the UK, Germany and Norway for six configurations of the xStorage Home that help consumers control how and when to use energy cost-effectively by, for example, avoiding expensive times of day.

The xStorage Home system can draw energy from the sun or from the grid. Customers can even use it to sell energy back to the grid – an opportunity that is expected to be offered by energy companies in the future.

The xStorage Home units built around used electric car batteries start at €3,500 (excluding VAT and installation costs) for a power capacity of 3.5kW rising to €3,900 for 6kW. Units powered by new Nissan batteries will start from €5,000 rising to €5,580 for the highest capacity and will come with an extended warranty period of ten years. 

The xStorage Home comes with built-in solar panel inverters and smartphone connectivity, so consumers can switch between energy sources through an app.

Frank Campbell, President of Eaton Electrical and Corporate EMEA, said: “Working in partnership with Nissan, we have developed a range of affordable, ready-to-use home energy storage solutions, giving consumers a choice of six options. While other home energy storage products are available on the market, we aim to avoid hidden extra costs and achieve the lowest possible total cost of ownership.” 

Nissan is also offering xStorage Buildings to commercial customers. Nissan and Eaton announced a major partnership with Amsterdam Arena - home of Ajax Football Club - which will see the integration of xStorage Buildings into the stadium. Representing the largest energy storage system in a commercial application in Europe using second-life electric vehicle batteries, the xStorage Buildings system comprises Eaton bidirectional inverters and the equivalent of 280 Nissan Leaf second-life battery packs. It will make the energy supply to Amsterdam Arena more efficient, sustainable and reliable through additional back-up power replacing diesel generators and grid stabilisation services.

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