‘Vinfusion’ wine blending platform offers personalised recommendations

A new app-based wine-blending tool from product design and development firm Cambridge Consultants aims to demystify the wine industry by allowing consumers to blend wine customised to their personal tastes.

The platform, playfully named ‘Vinfusion’, was developed to tap into recent trends of personalisation and customisation, which have become hugely popular within the beverage industry.

“Blending wines to achieve a certain flavour or aroma has been around for centuries and this is at the heart of Vinfusion,” said Sajith Wimalaratne, food and beverage commercial manager at Cambridge Consultants.

“One of the challenges is understanding the complex relationship between the taste and the proportions of the blended wines. So we surveyed how consumers choose wines and ran taste tests to see how they perceived and described the flavours.”

The team behind the product analysed a selection of different wines to determine which chemicals imparted certain distinctive characteristics. Four base wines were then selected for use in the system, allowing for the creation of hundreds of different flavours on demand.

The product, which could be used in the food and beverage industry, or even in supermarkets, is based on a simple app that allows oenophiles to customise their wine based on simple terms like full-bodied or light, dry or sweet. A customised wine, blended using a unique flavour algorithm, is then dispensed for tasting.

The idea behind the product is not only to blend a perfect wine, however, but also to teach the consumer a little more about wine, and about their own tastes in the process. Following blending, Vinfusion suggests certain varieties of wine to suit an individual taste based on the particular blend of wine selected, allowing drinkers to make more informed decisions during wine selection.


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