Brizebox internet delivery box

The Brizebox home delivery box

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Never miss a Christmas parcel again with this ingenious box that keeps deliveries safe and secure until you get home.

Online shopping is so convenient but for one problem - if you’re not in when it arrives. Then you are faced with disturbing a neighbour at best or a long queue at your local Post Office collection counter at worst. So under ‘special delivery instructions’ you type something like ‘leave it just around the corner of the porch’ and hope it’s still there when you get home from work. 

Now a start-up company called Brizebox has designed a clever box to provide online shoppers with secure package delivery when they’re not at home. “I am passionate about engineering as well as being a regular online shopper,” says Brian Willcox, the brains behind the simple design. “My experience of parcels being idly left outside my home, awkward Post Office collection hours and grumpy neighbours got me thinking about the problems faced today by online consumers and couriers alike.”

The Brizebox is a simple but clever design. To deliver a package, the courier just turns the large handle, pulls the drawer out, drops the package in and closes it. As the drawer closes, the bottom of the drawer opens and the package drops gently into the secure locked area below. This is padded for a soft landing - with foam on the smaller models and a floating base on the larger ones. It can take more parcels until it’s full. Then when you get home you just unlock the compartment’s door and retrieve your delivery.

Brizebox sizes and colours

Range of sizes and colours

Image credit: Brizebox


It’s a strong construction - not very heavy but it would be tough to break into, and a passing thief wouldn’t know whether there is anything in it or not to steal anyway. The Brizebox comes in various sizes, several colours and built-in wall models as well as freestanding models that could also be stacked for apartments. They are all made of zinc-coated sheet metal and the lever mechanisms, locks and hinges are made of stainless steel. Rubber seals on the drawer and door keep the rain out. The box is quite easy to install with a few holes drilled in the wall but attaching it to the wall is much easier with a T-wrench than a regular shaped spanner.

“With regards to looks, this was also quite challenging,” says Willcox. “But we’re pleased to have come up with a design that’s got visual appeal and something you’d want outside your house, not tucked around the corner. Additionally, whilst not claiming to be eco-friendly tree huggers, we think Brizebox has very green credentials. The CO2 footprint created by an undeliverable parcel going backwards and forwards between its final destination and the parcel depot is incalculable.”

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Brizebox in-wallmodel

Built-in wall model

Image credit: Brizebox

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