Nissan has launched the first vehicle to grid charging facility in the UK

Nissan vehicle-to-grid facility to help balance network

Image credit: Nissan

Car maker Nissan has installed technology at its facilities in Cranfield that allows energy stored in batteries of electric vehicles to be fed into the grid to help cover peak demand.

The system installed at Nissan Technical Centre Europe (NTCE) provides eight vehicle-to-grid (V2G) chargers designed to work with Nissan’s electric vehicles.

The facility, developed in cooperation with energy company Enel, is first of its kind launched by Nissan in the UK. It features an intelligent energy management system capable of both charging the vehicles and allowing the cars to give stored energy from the vehicle’s battery back to the grid to help stabilise demand.

“The installation of the V2G chargers at NTCE is a significant moment for us,” said David Moss, vice president for vehicle design and development at Nissan Technical Centre Europe. “It gives us the opportunity to showcase to the world how the energy management systems Nissan is developing can work in a real-life business situation. Integrating it into our own facilities demonstrates the confidence we have in the technology and our steadfast belief that our electric vehicles can play a pivotal role in developing an ecosystem of technologies that work seamlessly together to create sustainable and efficient solutions for the future.”

The project is part of Nissan’s Intelligent Mobility programme that aims to demonstrate how zero-emission vehicles and energy management technologies can work in tandem to create a cleaner, more efficient energy network.

“Nissan has always been at the forefront of EV technology development and we’re excited to be using our expertise to help change the way people consume energy,” said Francisco Carranza, director of energy services at Nissan Europe. “Through the integration of Nissan EVs we can help shape a society whose energy use is sustainable, efficient and affordable. It could change the rules of the game and make energy cheaper for everyone.”

Earlier this year, Nissan and Enel launched Europe's first commercial facility providing vehicle-to-grid charging at the headquarters of Danish utility company Frederiksberg Forsyning. 

NTCE is Nissan's European R&D hub. Based in Cranfield, Bedfordshire, it employs around 1,000 people.


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