MBA scholarship scheme helps engineers step into business leadership roles

Seven engineers have been awarded Sainsbury Management Fellow (SMF) scholarships worth £30,000 each to support their MBA studies at top international business schools.

SMF scholarships help engineers with ambitions to move into business leadership roles gain essential skills in areas such as finance and marketing.

As with the 330 engineering professionals who went before them, these MBAs will enable the newly appointed fellows to combine their business and engineering skills in order to drive innovation in blue chip, start-up and not-for-profit enterprises.

New fellow Deviyani Misra-Godwin is taking a two-year MBA programme at Harvard, where she will study entrepreneurship and energy-specific courses in her elective year.

“I was inspired to study for an MBA because my long-term goal is to set up a company that provides operations consulting to British energy companies. I want to help companies balance the lean, rigorous cost focus they need to be competitive with the long-term strategic vision they need to take advantage of new opportunities in this space.”

Another member of the new SMF cohort is Animish Sivaramakrishnan, who aims to become a venture capital investor.

“I believe that the UK has the talent to be a technology powerhouse; there’s no reason we can’t have the next Facebook or Google founded in the UK, so I want to help UK entrepreneurs do this once I have gained more business skills and experience at the coalface.”

Launched by Lord Sainsbury nearly 30 years ago, SMF has now awarded over £8.5 million in scholarships.

“SMFs have generated more than £4.5 billion for the global economy and created 18,000 jobs. We lead businesses in many industry sectors including technology, finance, luxury goods, transport, retail, healthcare, education, energy and the environment,” highlights SMF president, David Falzani.

“We are delighted to nurture another seven talented young engineers who will make a significant contribution to our economy.”

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