EU Automation book starts conversation about challenge of obsolescence

A major supplier of industrial equipment is tackling a trend that is seeing components go out of date within years rather than decades with a free book aimed at helping manufacturers deal with the problem.

‘The Book of Obsolescence Management’ has been produced by EU Automation, and features a series of interviews with industry experts from companies including the Institute of Obsolescence Management, global engineering company Renishaw, industrial automation software expert COPA-DATA and Rochester Electronics.

The aim, the company says, is to help manufacturers, systems integrators, panel builders, maintenance teams and suppliers understand obsolescence and how to manage the process more effectively. As well as analysing obsolescence through the lens of consumer electronics and industry, but the key focus is on industrial environments. The volume also touches on the risks and challenges of obsolescence, the cost of downtime in different industries, relevant industry standards and energy efficiency.

“Obsolescence is speeding up and product lifecycles are becoming shorter than ever,” explains Mark Proctor, EU Automation managing director and one of the books authors. Faster obsolescence has been obvious in the consumer world for some time, he points out, but in recent years has started to affect a wide range of industries.

“Industrial components and systems that used to have a lifecycle of more than 25 years are now becoming obsolete and are being replaced within just a few years,” he explains. “This has resulted in the rise of the obsolescence manager and the need for clearer guidelines on how obsolescence should be managed in different industries.”

According to Proctor’s co-author Jonathan Wilkins, who is EU Automation’s marketing director, the book is an attempt to start a conversation about obsolescence in the age of Industry 4.0 and the smart factory.

“We would like to hear from companies who are struggling with obsolescence and organisations that have identified successful tactics and processes for tackling the issue.”

The Book of Obsolescence Management ends with EU Automation’s seven steps to a more effective obsolescence management strategy, aimed at helping manufacturers tackle the obsolescence issue in a more effective and strategic manner.

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