Electronica 2016: digitally connecting our lives takes ‘trust and innovation’

As press conferences heat up at Electronica 2016, TE Connectivity has emphasised the need for consumer trust in developing smart technology for a digitally connected world.

The company, a world leader in connectivity and sensors, says that trust is at the heart of the industry’s ability to develop systems that people will rely on to connect their lives. In a connected world, where technology in everything from cars, trucks and homes, to aircraft and factories, can be mission-critical so every connection counts.

“More than a million people die in vehicle accidents every year around the world,” said Eric Kueppers, president of global automotive at TE Connectivity. “One way to potentially reduce traffic fatalities and injuries is through increased automation, which requires robust products designed for harsh conditions.

“Cars must meet very high reliability and safety expectations to give drivers confidence, and that will take ongoing innovation, collaboration and investment.”

Recent US government data has revealed that 94 per cent of car crashes are caused by human error, with early stats from the auto industry suggesting that automated vehicles can reduce those crashes. The current problem is getting consumers to trust artificial intelligence to drive cars. 

This week in Munich,TE will be demonstrating the safety-critical processing that goes into ensuring safety in connectivity across sectors, from smart cars, to aviation and within Industry 4.0.  



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