You decide the world's worst wiring!

It is only a couple of months since we asked E&T readers to send us examples of the worst electric and wiring jobs they may have encountered on their travels, or indeed, in places of their residence. Since then, we’ve been flooded with an uninterrupted flow of truly horrific (in terms of their subject matter, not quality) snapshots from all over the world.

And just as we thought that nothing could beat a photo (taken in Myanmar) of water-filled bottles, hooked onto overhead cables to stretch the latter and thus maintain a connection, the next reader’s missive contained an even more terrifying image of a hapless Vietnamese electrician, totally entangled in the cobweb of crossed wires and hanging above the street like a giant spider in a hard-hat.

It is interesting to note that if initially the photos had been mostly taken in the so-called developing countries, with time we received a number of mind-and-grid-boggling entries from such leading industrial powers as the USA, the UK, Japan, Spain and some other.

Having published so far two selections of the best (worst?) readers’ photos in this year’s issues eight and nine, we now want to mark the quickly expiring year of referenda and elections – presidential and otherwith our own round of democratic voting.

We want you to pick the best (worst), from your point of view, pictures out of the 12, sent by readers and selected by us. Having summed up your votes in due course, we will announce the three absolute winners (losers?) of our Crossed Wires Electrical Elections, or CWEE.

Keep sending new photos too. You never know: your next one can be a winner.

Let’s save your countries’ grids from careless electricians and show everyone what a good wiring job should NOT be like!

See below to cast your vote!

Happy CWEE-ing!



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