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Windows 10 technical problems should be compensated for says Which?

Microsoft should "honour consumers' rights" with regards to Windows 10 users who have suffered from technical issues, according to the consumer advice group Which?

It said the firm should consider paying compensation to users who have had to deal with a myriad number of problems caused by the new operating system.

Since being launched in 2015, Windows 10 has suffered several performance and reliability issues, including reports of it failing to recognise web cameras and some anti-virus software once installed.

It also came under fire soon after launch because many users unknowingly agreed to have the system gather their private data including contact details, passwords, demographic data and credit card information. 

Others have also accused Microsoft of ‘forcing’ the update on them through the software's notification system.

Since launch, Microsoft says Windows 10 has been installed on more than 350 million devices and as of August this year was running on 23 per cent of PCs on the market globally, which represents the fastest adoption rate of any version of the software.

This is probably due to its cost; Windows 10 was made available as a free update to users running Windows 7 and 8 until the end of July this year and only now costs £99.99 to install.

Research conducted by Which? claims that 12 per cent of people surveyed who upgraded to Windows 10 in the UK have since chosen to roll back to their previous version, with more than half saying the software had "adversely affected their PC".

Alex Neil, Which? director of campaigns and policy said: "We rely heavily on our computers to carry out daily activities so, when they stop working, it is frustrating and stressful. Many people are having issues with Windows 10 and we believe Microsoft should be doing more to fix the problem."

The group suggested that Microsoft consider paying compensation to customers "where appropriate", explaining that consumer rights dictate that digital content, like other goods, must be of satisfactory quality and if faulty should be repaired or replaced.

"You can also ask for your money back, up to 100 per cent of the cost of the product", Which? added.

In response to the research, a Microsoft spokesperson said: "The Windows 10 upgrade is a choice designed to help people take advantage of the most secure, and most productive Windows.

"Customers have distinct options. Should a customer need help with the upgrade experience, we have numerous options including free customer support."

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