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You only live once: manage your social media accounts

Visualise this. Networks invading your privacy needn’t be an accepted norm. Giving third party tools complete unprecedented access and permissions to your social accounts just for ’you’ to be able to manage ‘your’ social accounts doesn’t have to be accepted as normal. Continuous notifications and apps constantly running in the background don’t have to be something normal. This too-good-to-be true situation can be traced to YoLobee, a maiden app from Zoowimama Info Pvt Ltd, a Bangalore-based user interface design and apps development firm.

In case you are wondering what YoLobee is, umm… if you split the word, this is how it pans out. Yolo: you only live once. And the bee, well, it refers to the bee that collects only the best nectar from various flowers. In short, YoLobee is someone who believes in, ‘you only live once,’ so why waste time going to different networks and switch between various accounts when you can get the best nectar from all your networks and accounts in a single spot. Point noted.

This line of contention can be attributed to Ravhul, who completed his engineering last year. He is the brain behind YoLobee. Like any 20-something he has Facebook accounts, Twitter accounts, Instagram accounts, a handful of Gmail accounts and all these networks are on his phone. OK, nothing startling, except that the whole day the phone used to buzz with notifications of which less than  five per cent of notifications were relevant.

“Every morning the first thing to do was to check updates on my favorite topics and from favorite people. But to check my favourite topic - for example 'iPhone 7' - I have to follow 'iPhone' on each network, but updates will be mixed in feed, have to go through all feed,” said an exasperated Ravhul.

The bright side of things is that Ravhul is passionate about coding, good at Android programming and other languages like C, Python, Angular JS. Good with Photoshop, illustrator and UI/UX designing. So he just decided to put his expertise to use and decided to create an app, relatively easy to use. The idea clicked with his father, Kiran Kumar. Being an IT professional, Kumar decided to put his expertise to use and the outcome was Zoowimama, a company floated to propel the app forward.

R&D revealed that there weren't any light-weight social media management tools that provided all the features of individual networks, that could support multiple accounts, were designed for mobile devices and efficiently provided a unified platform for general individual users.

That’s how Yolobee’s journey began.

Combining social networks meant using each network’s various application programme interface (APIs) and still not being able to offer the full functionality of that particular network. Then coming to APIs, every network has its own rate limit for each API. A few months were spent trying to work with APIs, but this effort failed due to fluctuating APIs and rate limits. Then a tool was thought of wherein all networks and accounts are at the users’ fingertips in a single spot. After continued effort, YoLobee was developed.

“Yolobee uses the web version of networks. Therefore, it takes very less space compared to other apps where one needs to run two Facebook accounts, they replicate the Facebook app and run two Facebook apps simultaneously,” explained Kumar. As even a single Facebook app can be demanding on battery usage, if each network has dual instances, the consumption of battery life, storage space and RAM will be doubled.

Yolobee’s highlights are that it has an inbuilt photo downloader and editor. Previously, if someone liked a photo on Instagram, they would take a screenshot and crop it to share. With Yolobee, users can download it, edit, crop, add text, add filters and lot more and share with just a tap.

So what does one get from this app? Users can follow hashtags and get feeds from top networks in a single spot. For example, a soccer fan can follow his favorite team like Manchester United and get the latest feed from top networks. People can follow live events, while marketing personnel can follow client business hashtags and track them in real time.

“YoLobee’s core functionality of being able to support multiple accounts is unique and this along with the combination of features offered makes it stand out,” said Kumar. As of now, it will be a freemium app, where basic services will be free and more advanced features will be paid for. Initially, for at least six months, it will be a completely free app.

YoLobee’s features

Maintain multiple social networking accounts in one app

Add more than one account of the same network (supports multi accounts)

Maintain accounts with different names and colours 

Security pin lock

Audio dub (like dubsmash)

Panic button to switch apps when you shake the phone, to keep your social life private

Switch accounts easily

Copy, share and save links directly

Direct screenshot and share

Post to all accounts easily

Universal link bookmarking 

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