Nvidia unveils driverless car OS and partnership with TomTom

Image credit: E&T

Nvidia has announced a new operating system for driverless cars called Driveworks and will partner with TomTom to create a cloud-to-car mapping project to aid navigation.

The project will use HD map data provided by TomTom, which spans more than 120,000 km of highways and freeways.

“This collaboration is an important step for TomTom,” said Willem Strijbosch, head of autonomous driving at TomTom. “Combining our highly accurate HD maps with Nvidia’s self-driving car platform will enable us to propose new features to automakers faster, and therefore make autonomous driving a commercial reality sooner.”

The collaboration, which was announced by Nvidia co-founder Jen-Hsun Huang at the company’s GTC 2016 conference in Amsterdam, will be integrated with Nvidia’s Driveworks operating system for driverless cars.

“Driveworks is an open platform that OEM’s can use; they have the ability to pick the pieces of it that they want,” Huang said.

“We will work together as an industry to move autonomous driving forward. Driveworks alpha one will be released to our early partners in October and will be updated every two months as development continues.”

The software was demonstrated running on a driverless vehicle while it navigated city roads. It was able to determine the size and shape of individual vehicles driving nearby, drive in the centre of the lane even when road markings weren’t present and pick out individual bystanders crossing the road.

The below video demonstrates the way in which the operating system perceives nearby traffic.

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