This commercially available fishing drone can not only deliver the bait but also the fish

Fishing drone flies 2km out to sea and brings home its catch

Fisherman geeks will now be able to join the drone-mania bandwagon with a £15,000 UAV that can fish up to two kilometres away from its controller and even deliver any moderately sized catch back to the shore.

Dubbed the DJI Phantom 4, the new drone from UK UAV supplier DronesDirect comes complete with a fishing spool and HD camera that allows the operator to observe fish shoals remotely and choose the best spot to fish.

The quadcopter can be operated from a distance of up to two kilometres and from up to 100m above the water surface.

When the drone's integrated sensors indicate the bait has been bitten, the drone automatically rises into the air and travels to the shore, following the controllers commands to deliver the catch.

The drone-caught fish, however, will have to be small, weighing no more than 200g.

“The new way to fish allows users to tap into schools of fish up to two kilometres from shore without the use of a boat,” said Tim Morley, managing director at “It also enables adventurers to explore areas of sea and terrain not covered by existing maps and plans.”

The drone can fly safely even in windy conditions. The manufacturer says it can automatically stabilise itself in wind speeds of up to 32 km/h.

Earlier this year, a video of two Australian fishermen got viral, showing them catching a longtail tuna with a help of the Phantom drone. In this case, however, the drone was used only to deliver the bait and was disconnected from the hook as soon as the fish bit the bait. The fishermen themselves then pulled the large fish to the shore while the drone continued filming the action.


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