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Amazon Kindle Oasis


The best Kindle yet, ultimate high-tech earplugs, super-fast thermometer, secret cinema, stunning-looking sounds and Dyson reimagines the hairdryer.

Amazon Kindle Oasis

From £270

The Kindle Oasis is the fanciest e-reader money can buy, with a price tag that's comparable to an iPad. It’s 30 per cent thinner, 20 per cent lighter and 100 per cent more expensive than its predecessors. The Wi-Fi only version costs £270 while the model with free 3G, which lets you download books anywhere in the world, is an eye-watering £330. It's delightfully slim at 3.4mm and weighs just 133g. It also boasts the best Kindle battery life yet thanks to a leather cover that attaches magnetically and contains a built-in battery booster. With it, the Oasis lasts months rather than weeks on a single charge.



Around €160

Frequent flyers have long used active noise-cancelling headphones to blot out repetitive noises on planes (and indeed trains and cars). The technology uses a microphone to detect external noise and then a speaker to play a phase-shifted version that cancels out the original noise. But headphones are too bulky if you just want to sleep in comfort. Enter QuietOn earplugs which incorporate the same tech in miniature. Their silicone tips block out a lot of noise and then active noise cancellation nixes the rest. They're tiny, wireless, fit neatly in the ear for comfort and boast a battery life of up to 50 hours.


Withings Thermo


Withings leads the ‘quantified self’ market. Where other brands focus on activity-tracking wristbands, its app-connected devices also include scales, a blood pressure monitor and a sleep-sensing alarm clock. So this new thermometer is a logical addition to the range. It's especially good for parents thanks to its 16 infrared sensors which make it super fast: you can hold it to the temple and get an accurate temperature reading in 2 seconds. The temperature is displayed on the side but also syncs with a smartphone app to create a temperature diary effortlessly. You can add to the diary too, for example noting when you've given medicines.



From £4,499

Imagine a TV cabinet so clever you don't need to perch a TV on it. That's the CineCabinet. It looks like a sideboard but instead houses a short-throw home cinema projector that creates a 100-inch picture on your wall. Want an even bigger picture? Press a button on the remote control and the middle drawer opens, increasing the projector-to-wall distance so that you get a supersized 150-inch picture. The cabinet is of course cleverly designed to house all your associated boxes for satellite, cable, Blu-ray and games consoles and hide all the cables, leaving you with a minimalist look when they're not in use.


Dyson Supersonic


Vacuum cleaners, fans, hand dryers… now Dyson has used its airflow expertise to reimagine the hairdryer. The Supersonic uses a digital motor up to eight times faster but half the weight of rivals. It's small enough that it sits inside the handle - sucking air up the handle in fact - which allows a shorter barrel. The result is a hairdryer that's much comfier, lighter and better balanced in the hand. It uses air multiplier technology, as seen in Dyson fans, to create fast but focused airflow. Intelligent temperature control prevents hair from overheating and getting damaged.


Zemi Aria


This stunning looking wireless speaker is the product of a collaboration between industrial designer Ron Arad and Italian artisan and sound expert Francesco Pellisari. It packs a 125W amplifier, two silk-dome tweeters and a carbon composite woofer to create a powerful, room-filling, 2.1 channel sound. It works with both Apple AirPlay and Bluetooth for compatibility with all devices and also boasts analogue and optical digital wired inputs and a premium digital-to-analogue converter to get the very best possible quality from your audio files and streamed music. A beautiful speaker that sounds as impressive as it looks.



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