The world's first hydrogen-powered bin lorries have been launched in Fife

World's first hydrogen bin lorries launched in Fife

A fleet of dual fuel diesel-hydrogen bin lorries has been launched in Fife to help improve local air quality.

The lorries have been retrofitted with a hydrogen propulsion system in a first-of-its-kind project by Liverpool-based ULEMCo, which specialises in converting existing car fleets into ultra low emission vehicles.

“This is a global first for hydrogen vehicles and a really great example of the innovative approach that is needed to deliver the low carbon and low emission vehicles of the future,” said Amanda Lyne, Managing Director of ULEMCo.

The bin lorries, made by Heil Farid, can switch from diesel to hydrogen when operating in densely populated areas, where air pollution is a major health risk. Hydrogen refuelling stations will be established at the Hydrogen Office in Methil and at the Fife Council’s depot at Bankhead, Glenrothes.

The conversion was undertaken as part of the £4m Levenmouth Community Energy Project funded by the Scottish Government. The Fife Council also plans to have 5 Ford Transit vans and 10 Renault HyKangoo vans converted into hybrid electric and hydrogen fuel cell operation using the same funding.

“Fife is leading the way in clean energy,” said Cllr Lesley Laird, Deputy Leader and Executive Spokesperson for Economy and Planning. “We envisage Levenmouth Community Energy Partnership becoming home to one of Europe’s largest fleet of hydrogen dual-fuel vehicles.”

As part of the project, the Hydrogen Office in Methil plans to establish a world-class demonstrator of hydrogen applications generated from renewable sources.

Liverpool-based ULEMCo, established in 2014, is a spin-out of Revolve Technologies, aiming to commercialise hydrogen combustion engine technology developed by the research centre.

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