KBee launches self-building cloud-based robot

The world’s first self-building industrial robot has been launched by Munich-based robotics company KBee at this year’s Hannover Messe.

The innovative new robotic system, which goes by the name of Franka Emika, is described as an ‘out-of-the-box’ industrial solution, with the ability to self-assemble and begin work within a matter of minutes.

The Franka robot consists of an arm, control, and a gripper that acts much like a hand with fingers, and is designed to function with the flexibility and agility of a real human arm. With personalised programming the arm and hand can be used for a huge range of industrial applications, from component construction to lock picking.

Over at the KBee booth at Hannover Messe, KBee employees have been giving visitors a taste of Franka's many talents, including self-assembly and a crowd-pleasing dance show, in which two resident Frankas are taught to respond when music plays.

The coding itself is done within a matter of minutes, using simple programming software which can be used by just about anyone, regardless of technical skill.

“We strongly believe that Franka Emika will be a game changer not only in intelligent robotics but also far beyond, opening the doors to a new world of connected digital intelligence accessible to everybody,” said Sami Haddadin, CEO of KBee.

As well as being self-assembling, the robot is also completely cloud-based, with programming and coding taking place in the aptly named Franka Cloud. This allows for the control and deployment of multiple robots from a single tablet, phone or computer – an attractive prospect for factories wishing to transition to industry 4.0.

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