VR on the catwalk: Dior Eyes takes you backstage

A virtual reality headset designed to give exclusive access to the sights and sounds behinds the scenes of the latest Ready-to-Wear fashion show - this is Dior Eyes. Fans of Dior's beauty range will be able to enter the exciting world of the make-up artist, backstage, where the show really starts.

The headset, which was designed for Dior by DigitasLBi, is made from 100 per cent 3D-printed materials. This method of production allowed the producers to carry out tests on many different materials for the headset case, before selecting nylon for its light weight and durability.

The headset includes a smartphone with an embedded high-density screen (515 PPP), providing 2K image resolution, and a field of vision close to 100°. Two high-quality speakers transmit holophonic audio recorded live in 360°, while 40mm focal and a 35mm diameter lenses convey the high-definition imagery back to the user.

The result is a complete, immersive VR experience.

This fashionable headset is also equipped with three led backlights, powered by a lithium battery, producing just the right amount of lumens to light up the Dior logo and adjacent ear buds.

The headsets will hit select Dior boutiques later this year.

Headset designers DigitasLBI said, “Dior Eyes provides both the most immersive VR experience ever seen, as well as a unique 360° performance, all created in an advanced design. The Dior Eyes headset is a key development as part of the trend for fun and innovative ‘retailtainment’ strategy.”

“Beyond the innovation, an intense moment is captured in a single beating heart at the Dior Fashion Show – the show starts backstage.”



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