Sheets of gold-coated paper


Designers are finding some ingenious ways to use LEDs in lighting. These one-off pieces were collected together in the studio showroom of top industrial designer Ingo Maurer, open during the Munich Creative Business Week in February.

Multiple sheets of gold-coated papers, simply hung in parallel to create intense light reflected between the surfaces, make surprisingly beautiful lighting. “For me, gold is materialised light,” says Maurer

Flying Flames is a customisable chandelier featuring images of candles flickering in LED displays

One of Maurer’s previous architectural projects from 1998: 11 aluminium domes nearly 4m across in a Munich subway station, each lacquered yellow, red or blue inside for intense fields of colour

“With the new collection comes the rebirth of Light Structure,” says Maurer. “I first designed this with Peter Hamburger in 1970. Today new techniques make it possible to replace the magnificent but banned tubes we used in 1970 with smartly placed LEDs.”

In Dew Drops, the light comes from a transparent sheet of hundreds of LEDs that’s “reminiscent of a softly falling cloth”

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