Lamzac Hangout


Instant furniture, squeaky-clean vinyl, supercharge your lighter, a versatile tablet, a feature-packed outdoors watch and trainers that put a spring in your step.

Lamzac Hangout


This month the 'why didn't I think of that?' award goes to the Lamzac Hangout, instant furniture made from an airtight ripstop nylon sack. Open it, wave it through the air, then roll the end up to seal it. Filled with air, it becomes a huge seat, the shape of a kayak. It's big enough for two to sit in or one to lounge in. Perfect for camping, picnics, festivals... and showing off that you have the coolest outdoor seat ever. Just be sure to tie it down on a windy day or someone else will have the coolest outdoor seat ever. Lamzac is based in Holland but shipping to the UK is just €5.

Keith Monks DiscOvery microLight


The world's smallest precision record-cleaning machine might be a bit niche for the Guinness World Records, but it's a thing of bizarre beauty. It looks a lot like Orac from Blake's 7. Or not, because you can customise the front: there's a lighting strip inside the transparent acrylic casing, so you can illuminate custom printed pictures. Surface noise is removed and sound is enriched and enhanced, using techniques refined since Keith Monks started making such machines in 1969. Your vinyl is washed with a biodegradable cleaning fluid, which is then vacuumed off. Cleaning each side only takes a few seconds. The perfect companion for the vinyl revival.

Casio WSD-F10


This outdoorsy watch combines old-school analogue cool with the latest Android Wear smart watch functions to create a feature-packed timepiece. Physically it's huge (62×56×16mm) but this is forgivable when you consider it packs air pressure (altitude) sensor, accelerometer, gyrometer, compass, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi and touchscreen. Most notable is the dual-layer display: one monochrome and one colour. This means the watch can display stuff like navigation data beautifully when you need it and conserve battery life when you don't. The Bluetooth connection to your smartphone can also be disabled in timepiece mode, saving you juice.

BQ Aquarius M10 Ubuntu Edition


Meet the world's first Ubuntu tablet. The Aquarius M10, from Madrid-based BQ, goes on sale this summer. It runs Ubuntu, the Linux-based operating system that’s designed to be extra-easy to code apps for. The Aquarius M10 is a hybrid tablet-PC, equally happy controlled with gestures on the 10-inch touchscreen or via keyboard and mouse. It's as a desktop replacement that the advantages of Ubuntu over Android (which is also based on Linux) emerge. For example, you can run two apps side-by-side and resize windows as you would on a desktop or laptop PC. There's also a micro HMDI socket so you can connect a larger display.

Soto Pocket Torch PT14-SB


This Japanese stove company has hit on a clever new way to make a butane blowtorch. The Pocket Torch uses standard (rectangular cross-section) disposable lighters as simple fuel sources. The result is a focused, wind-resistant jet with a flame that reaches temperatures of up to 1,300 degrees C. It's also more efficient, increasing the disposable lighter's lifespan by 60 per cent. Equally good for lighting campfires on a windy clifftop or caramelising a crème brûlée.

Enko Running Shoes


There are running shoes with a bit of extra bounce and then there are these new kicks from Enko that look like they will turn anyone into Tigger. The contraption below the sole gives you 2cm of shock absorption, deadening the impact of pounding the pavement. And rather than the energy being dissipated, it's returned to you as soon as your heel lifts again, helping you spring into the next step. Your stride becomes more efficient, your knees become less knackered. The shoes aren't ridiculously heavy at 380g and they're supplied with shock absorbers tailored to your weight. You can buy new springs if your weight changes.

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