A technician holds a recalled Takata airbag inflator

Honda forced to recall 5.7m cars with faulty airbags

Japanese car maker Honda has announced it is recalling 5.7 million vehicles worldwide over faulty, exploding airbags.

The company will recall 440,000 vehicles in Japan and another 2.2 million in the United States, although it will not say where the other 3.1 million vehicles are located until negotiations with the relevant authorities in each country are concluded.

The airbags, which are manufactured by Takata, have defects that can cause them to explode with too much force which blows apart a metal canister and hurls shrapnel into the vehicle.

Last year, the manufacturer said it was going to change the design of the airbags to prevent the issue from occurring.

Honda has told its dealers that replacement parts are in very short supply and can only be ordered for vehicles with crash damage or with airbag issues. The company will not have enough parts for replacement for all of the vehicles until autumn.

Carmakers BMW, Nissan and Toyota have also used the airbags in their vehicles in the past and have had to recall millions.

In 2014, despite not being aware of any incidents or injuries, BMW recalled 1.6 million cars from its flagship 3 Series that were produced between May 1999 and August 2006.

Last year, Toyota bought more than 13 million airbag inflators from Takata-rival Nippon Kayakuto to replace the faulty ones.

At least 11 people have been killed worldwide as a result of the problem and 139 others have been injured. The Japan recall affects vehicles produced between the years 2005 to 2014.

Honda has said it has received 1,575 warranty claims so far, 83 field reports and two confirmed injuries related to the defect. It also said there have been 74 injury allegations related to airbags that did not deploy, but those are not confirmed.

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