Twitter has experienced the longest outage in its history on Tuesday

Twitter suffers longest outage in its history

Twitter has been experiencing problems throughout Tuesday, with people around the world struggling to log into their accounts. 

The outage, which was first reported at 8.30am UK time on Tuesday, affected the Twitter website, as well as related apps including Tweetdeck and Twitter for iOS and Android devices.

The company didn’t comment on the cause of the outage, the longest in the micro-blogging website’s 10-year history, and an error message displayed during failed attempts to access Twitter only stated that there was a technical problem.

Even though the original breakdown was fixed at around 11am, throughout the day some users have had problems displaying video content and photographs on their timelines.

"Any downtime for a technology brand is negative, and as quick as we complain we quickly forget and go back to our daily habits," said social media expert Warren Knight.

"It's a short-term outage that only makes Twitter more human."

Though short, regular blackouts were common in the early days of the site - an Apple live event caused it to crash under the weight of traffic in 2008 - extended outages have become less frequent in recent years, with the last major drop in service occurring in 2014 when the site was down for around 45 minutes.

According to the website Down Detector, which tracks outages on major websites, the issue began at around 8.30am, with the number of reported problems from users rising rapidly.

More than half of those who reported an issue did so concerning the website, but users of the iOS and Android mobile apps also reported problems.

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