'Family Hub' Smart Fridge

Samsung unveils smart fridge and TV IoT hub

Samsung has unveiled its ‘Family Hub’ refrigerator, which features a touchscreen display and cameras located inside to view the contents remotely.

A full HD 21.5 inch monitor is located on the door of the fridge to allow users control over its mode of operation, temperature and humidity.

The company said it has collaborated with top chefs, who have created season-specific recipes for users that will display on the screen.

Cameras located inside will also let users see contents on the display without opening the door and have access to a remote video feed on their smartphone to check what food they have in stock when they are not home.

Samsung said that families will able to share notes and messages that will show on the fridge’s monitor.

The fridge also contains embedded stereo speakers for access to internet radio, music, news and the weather.

The company has not so far revealed a price or a release date for the device.

Meanwhile, Samsung has also announced that its 2016 Smart TV line-up will be able to act as 'smart hubs' for Internet-of-Things devices to allow users control over other gadgets in their home.

The TVs will use the company’s SmartThings platform which is designed to connect all smart devices together onto one network, including lights, locks and thermostats.

Customers who buy an Internet of Things (IoT) TV from Samsung will be able to use their set as the controller for the smart home.

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