Students learn about engineering at Sheffield Hallam University.

Funding helps Sheffield Hallam prepare students for STEM careers

Sheffield Hallam University has secured a £50,000 grant to deliver a STEM skills development programme to young people in the region.

Under the programme, the university will deliver three initiatives for improving STEM skills in the city and beyond. The first initiative provides half-day engineering masterclasses at the university for 14-18 year olds from schools and colleges across the city, with Sheffield Hallam partly matching the funding to encourage and support schools and colleges in low participation areas to get involved in the programme.

Students who complete these will be awarded ten UCAS points to support their application to study engineering or mathematics at the university.

A second initiative will roll out a BTEC Level 3 qualification across the city, which has previously only been available at one school, giving more students the chance to use the university's science and engineering facilities as part of their study.

A job-readiness programme for final-year STEM students at the university is the third initiative. This will support job search and provide an opportunity for students to hone their technical CVs and applications, as well as practice interview techniques. In addition, ten students will compete for internships of up to 140 hours at a variety of employers.

"We are delighted to be partnering with Alcoa Foundation on this exciting new initiative,” says Conor Moss, Director of Education and Employer Partnerships at Sheffield Hallam. "STEM skills development is crucial and these three initiatives will support young people to develop these skills across the city region and help our graduates to find well-paid professional and technical roles in the manufacturing and engineering industry."

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