Gestures can be used to control many aspects of the vehicle

BMW reveals future car with gesture control

BMW has revealed its ‘i Vision Future Interaction’ concept car that allows the driver to control the vehicle with hand gestures.

The car, for which a prototype model was demonstrated at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES), includes ‘AirTouch’ sensors that recognise movements made with the hand and depth movements.

The system can then translate the movements into commands for a number of different systems. The gestures can change the volume of music on the stereo or skip a song, affect the climate controls, manipulate menus on the interior displays and select telephone contacts to call. They can even be used to drive into and out of a parking space fully automatically.

Information for the driver is presented through a head-up 21-inch panorama display that can be operated like a touchscreen solely through gestures.

The screen is also used to show direct video feeds from BMW’s i 8 Mirrorless System. The system replaces the rearview mirror and uses three cameras to cover larger viewing angles and eliminate blind spots.

Images from the cameras are combined on the display and the system can even evaluate them to provide a response to imminent hazards

"The image of the traffic behind the car covers a greater viewing angle than could be observed using the interior and exterior mirrors. No adjustment of the cameras is necessary," BMW said.

The cameras can also act as a security feature with the ‘Remote 3D View’ system. This uses the images to construct a 3D view of the area around the vehicle that can be streamed to networked devices to provide the driver with a live feed of what is happening around the vehicle when it is parked.

Additional security features include Bumper Detection which identifies when the car has been bumped and activates the cameras. The networked systems send a message to the driver’s smartphone, and images are sent if requested.

Other carmakers present at CES include the California-based Faraday Future that demonstrated an electric supercar that boasts top speeds up to 200mph.

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