Complaints of crashing have been widespread on social media

Apple's Safari browser crash issue causing frustration for users

Users of Apple’s Safari browser across the globe are experiencing instability leading to the program crashing.

Users of Apple's Mac and iOS platforms have found the service crashing and returning them to their device home screen when they attempt to use Safari’s search bar to browse the web.

Although complaints on social media are widespread, it does not appear to be affecting all users and it remains unclear whether it is linked to a software update earlier in the week.

Apple currently installs Safari on all of its devices that support it, including iPhones, iPads and Mac computers. A Windows version was discontinued in 2012.

Twitter user Thom O'Neil was one of hundreds to report the problem: "Safari on my iPhone crashes every time I try and type in the search bar," he wrote. "Have deleted data etc and updated iOS but still does it."

The issue appears to be related to the app's search suggestions feature, which offers users potential searches based on what they begin to type.

A quick fix currently being suggested is to turn off the suggestions feature from within a device's settings. Entering private browsing mode also seems to temporarily solve it, which turns the background of the browser black and does not record any browsing history.

Apple is yet to comment on the problem.

The reports of crashing arrived just after Apple released its revenue figures for the last quarter of 2015 which showed that while iPhone sales are still growing, they have slowed significantly and the company expects to see the first revenue drop in more than a decade in early 2016.

Earlier this month, Microsoft ended support for all versions of its Internet Explorer web browser with the exception of the current iteration, version 11.

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