The companies have not released details about the pricing structure of the new service so far

Airbus and Uber join forces for helicopter service

Airbus will supply Uber with helicopters so it can launch an airborne on-demand service.

Speaking to The Wall Street Journal, Airbus Chief Executive Tom Enders said “It’s a pilot project, we’ll see where it goes - but it’s pretty exciting.”

The new service could lower the cost of Uber-by-air options, which already tested an UberChopper service between Manhattan and the Hamptons in Long Island in 2013.

Although Airbus has so far declined to reveal any of the financial details of the agreement, Uber plans to launch the project at the Sundance Film Festival in Utah this week.

H125 and H130 helicopters will reportedly be used to ferry passengers between locations with Uber cars waiting at the landing site to get them to their final destinations.

Although the exact pricing structure has not been revealed yet, in the past Uber charged between hundreds and thousands of dollars per flight.

An Airbus spokesman said the company has partnered with the Utah-based Air Resources, who operate H125 helicopters, to offer the new service.

UberChopper is just one example of the company trying to diversify its transportation options.

In November, it introduced a new feature to its taxi app that enables people to share rides with each other in order to save money and reduce inner city congestion.

It has also been accused of stealing data on drivers working for rival company Lyft by hacking into the company’s computer systems.

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