A referee receives a notification on his wrist informing him that a goal has been scored

UEFA will finally implement goal-line technology

UEFA is set to finally embrace goal-line technology after years of opposition.

The football body is planning to and have systems in place for Euro 2016 and next season's Champions League and Europa League competitions.

Although the UK’s Premier League implemented the Hawkeye system in 2013, UEFA  has resisted adopting it across Europe.

It uses seven cameras per goal to determine whether or not a ball has passed the line. The system then sends a signal to a watch worn by the referee. It beeps and vibrates and there is message to earpieces worn by all match officials informing them of the goal.

UEFA’s president Michel Platini has been critical of the technology for years and has instead opted to put additional referees behind the goal to provide greater accuracy.

However, with Platini currently suspended from his position for 90 days over allegations of corruption, his organisation has paved the way for its introduction in his absence.

UEFA's general secretary Gianni Infantino told a news conference in Paris: "In terms of goal-line technology and its use in the future, the final decision will be made in January but the executive committee was pretty positive in its mindset.

"If it happens for Euro 2016 then it will also happen for the club competitions for next season, the Champions League and Europa League. This will be in addition to the five assistants."

The logistics of introducing systems in 80 venues across Europe will now be looked at, but the expense of the technology will limit it to the more prestigious football leagues.

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