The new service will incorporate chatbots into a messaging service

Google developing AI messaging app

Google is building a new mobile messaging app that uses artificial intelligence (AI) in order to compete with Facebook according to the Wall Street Journal.

The new service would reportedly tap into the search giant’s previous research into AI by incorporating chatbots or software programs that answer questions.

Google already has an online messaging platform, Hangouts, that integrates with Gmail and can pick up SMS messages in the mobile app.

However, the service has so far failed to attract as many active users as main rival WhatsApp, which was bought by Facebook last year.

The new app will enable users to message either friends or a chatbot, which will search the web and other sources for information to answer a question.

It is unclear when the service will be launched, or how it will be named, the report said and Google declined to comment on the rumours.

The company’s Google Now service is already installed on most Android phones and allows users to issue voice commands to search the web or interact with features on the phone itself.

Google is currently looking to expand in a number of areas. It was recently reported that the company is interested in producing its own processors and will start a package delivery service using drones in 2017.

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