Ford is also testing its own driverless technology in a simulated city built by Michigan University researchers

Ford may make Google's driverless cars

Google and Ford will team up to bring driverless cars to the masses according to a new report from Yahoo Autos.

Three sources that are familiar with the company’s plans said the collaboration is set to be formally announced at the Consumer Electronics Show in January 2016.

While Google has been developing and testing driverless car prototypes since last year, it does not have the manufacturing infrastructure to roll out a range of vehicles.

Ford on the other hand has been lagging behind some of its rivals, such as Nissan, in developing its own driverless technology.

While Ford announced it would start testing its own autonomous vehicle last month, the tests will be confined to a simulated city designed to mimic real-world driving scenarios. Nissan however has been testing its technology out on real roads.

Google has already tested 53 vehicles on roads in California and Texas, and has logged 1.3 million miles of autonomous driving.

Sergey Brin, Google’s co-founder, said earlier this year that the company was actively looking for manufacturing partners in order to roll out its new technology to the consumer market.

Yahoo Autos reports that while the exact details of the new deal are still unclear, it is thought the venture would be legally separate from Ford in order to protect the American multinational automaker from any liability concerns should any accidents occur as a result of the autonomous systems.

The deal is thought to be non-exclusive with Google talking to several other automakers about implementing their systems in vehicles.

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