Amera is an innovative security system based on detecting disruptions to WiFi signals

Changes in Wi-Fi signal used to detect motion

A Canadian start-up has unveiled a technology that uses changes in wireless signals to detect motion - a system that could possibly be used to detect intruders, manage crowds or locate victims of natural disasters. 

Dubbed Amera, the technology developed by Ontario-based Cognitive Systems will be available around mid-2016 as part of a home security product.

"What we're building is essentially a camera for radio frequency signals and trying to understand what those signals mean," said the firm’s co-founder Taj Manku.

Engineers at the start-up designed their own chip for the product, which features four wireless receivers and flexible processors that can switch quickly between different functions.

The firm, which hopes to enter a second market segment by the end of next year, said it has secured three core patents in the United States and Europe, with around 20 more patents pending.

The company currently employs 50 people and is largely backed by BlackBerry founder Mike Lazaridis and his Quantum Valley Investments fund, which aims to help bring breakthrough technologies to market.

Lazaridis, who developed BlackBerry’s trademark smartphone, has since left that firm to focus on his own projects.

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