Square Trade was not impressed with the Moto X Pure Edition which had a shattered screen after one drop

Apple iPhone 6s wins durability tests; Motorola Moto X loses

Popular smartphones have been tested to their limits by phone insurer SquareTrade, which found that Motorola’s Moto X is one of the most easily breakable phones currently available.

The company compared four relatively low-cost phones (under £300): Huawei P8lite, Microsoft Lumia 640, Moto X Pure Edition and Sony Xperia E4 against the higher cost iPhone 6s.

SquareTrade put the devices to their limits by dropping, dunking and bending the phones until they reached breaking point.

It was found that the Moto X Pure Edition, the largest, most expensive phone tested other than the iPhone 6s, was the least durable and the most breakable phone the company has tested for a long time.

Meanwhile, the Lumia 640, one of the lowest-cost phones tested, proved to be the most durable. With a Breakability Score of 4.5, the Lumia was considered to be almost as durable as the iPhone 6s at less than half the cost.

“Our test results are good news for consumers who want a reliable device but need to mind their budget. Price and durability don’t necessarily go hand in hand,” said SquareTrade’s Jessica Hoffman.

"While we believe the iPhone 6s is still the phone to beat when it comes to durability, some of these phones have given it a run for its money."

Phones have been trending towards increased water resistance in recent years, so SquareTrade upped the time on its dunk test from 10 seconds to 10 minutes.

While the Xperia E4 and Lumia 640 survived the 10-minute dunk relatively unscathed, the P8lite instantly lost its audio capabilities as soon as it hit the water.

Despite Motorola’s launch earlier this year of the Droid Turbo 2 with a shatterproof display, the Moto X Pure Edition fell short during corner and face-down drop tests, with its screen cracking instantly after one drop.

Although reports of accidental bending plagued its predecessor, the iPhone 6s proved to be the least-bendable device tested.

None of the other phones were able to withstand anywhere near the 170 pounds of pressure at which the iPhone 6s bent. The Lumia 640 was the most resilient at 130 pounds, while the P8lite was the clear loser bending at only 60 pounds.

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