A fire-spitting drone capable of roasting a turkey has been built by an American teenager

American teenager builds turkey-roasting drone

A nineteen-year old American has built a fire-spitting drone that can roast a turkey.

The daredevil drone enthusiast and self-made engineer Austin Haughwout from Connecticut has posted a video of his latest invention in action on his YouTube channel.

The turkey-roasting unmanned aircraft is not the first contraption constructed by Haughwout to gain him media attention.

In 2014, he was attacked by a woman for using a camera-equipped drone to take photographs of her on a beach and this summer he was investigated by police for another video on YouTube showing a drone firing a gun.

The teenager’s father Bret Haughwout insisted the turkey-roasting was carried out with all precautions in place in the yard of the family’s house and posed no risk or danger.

"We had a lot of fun, it was something different to do and there was no danger at all," Haughwout senior said, adding they had fire extinguishers, hoses and buckets of water at hand in case anything went wrong.

"We didn't break any laws."

Clinton Deputy Police Chief John Carbone agreed with that assessment on Wednesday, but added that law may not have caught up with the technology yet.

Peter Sachs, the head and founder of the state Drone Pilots Association said that Haughwout risked giving the aircraft, used by hobbyists and professionals, a bad name.

"Mr. Haughwout has once again displayed his willingness to use a drone to perform an irresponsible and unsafe act," Sachs said. "Whatever talent he has in creating these dangerous contraptions is far surpassed by his immaturity and lack of sensibility. The only thing he has truly accomplished has been to fuel the public's unwarranted fear of drones."

The previous accident with the handgun-shooting drone resulted in two counts of charges for an assault on a police officer after the teenager drove away when the officers wanted to question him. He is still awaiting trial on that charge.

How to roast a turkey with a drone:

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