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Useful apps to help you navigate student life

There are a multitude of apps out there helping students in almost every area of their university lives. Here’s the low-down on a few of the most popular…

Available on phones, tablets and even smartwatches, for the more discerning student, there are countless apps available to help navigate their way through student life. From personal organisation and study apps to finance and entertainment, there’s an app for almost everything.

So if it’s help with handing in assignments on time, trying to organise your revision, keeping track of your finances or coordinating a busy social life, get the right apps for you. You can integrate most apps with your laptop and other gadgets, so jumping between devices has never been easier.

Here’s what you could be downloading:

Self Control for Study (Android)

Did your mum make this one up? She might well have done, because it works by blocking other apps, like social media, for a set length of time so you can’t be tempted during lectures and study time.

Google Calendar (iPhone and Android)

This one’s popular among students as a great generic planner. It lets you sync events and deadlines between devices, and you can set reminders for them too, so you’ll never miss a lecture or deadline again, ever.

OS MapFinder (iPhone and Android)

The UK’s Ordnance Survey is here to help navigate you around new places. Works offline too!

Laundrapp (iPhone and Android)

If you’re too lazy, sorry, haven’t got the time, to do your own laundry then this wonderful app will outsource your washing for you, with door-to-door services starting from as little as £2.50 (available in London, Birmingham and Edinburgh).

Alarmy (Sleep If U Can) (iPhone and Android)

Having trouble getting out of bed in the mornings? Course you are, you’re a student! Trusted Alarmy will make those precious waking, dream-state moments a living nightmare by ringing out a constant, really annoying alarm until you’ve completed certain, and quite frankly ridiculous, tasks, like shaking the phone a set number of times, or taking a photo of your bath or your front door. Cunningly effective.

Dashlane (iPhone and Android)

Keep your passwords, credit card details and other identities safe with encryption. Like some kind of deep-undercover spy or something, you’ll use a master password to log in to synced websites or make a payment without having to remember your numerous passwords.

Chored (Android)

Living away from home for the first time in halls or shared accommodation is fun and exciting, but also brings with it some challenges, like bills and chores. Everyone has to do their bit, whether they’re tired, busy, lazy or skint. Chored helps you do this by setting up shared bills to distribute the costs fairly, and assigning and tracking household chores. You might never need speak to your housemates ever again!

Fashionably Skint (iPhone and Android)

Gives fashionably skint girls/skint fashionable girls a new and fun way to borrow and lend clothes with friends on campus. Have a different look for every night out and save yourself a fortune! The app lets you upload photos of clothes that you’re willing to share at the same time as letting you search for outfits you might like to borrow from someone nearby. Genius, possibly.

RefME (iPhone and Android)

Criticised for helping too much, RefME helps ease the pain of the tedious task of referencing books and journals. Students have, at their fingertips, the ability to scan a book’s barcode or enter a URL in order to generate a reference. It then saves it for the poor loves and syncs it in the Cloud, allowing students to create, edit and manage pieces of work across different devices.

Lecture Capture (iPhone) and LectureRecordings (Android)

Lost the ability to listen and take notes? Get an app that’ll record the whole lecture for you instead. You can then listen to your heart’s content in the privacy and relative comfort of your own student digs.

Pomodoro Apps (iPhone and Android)

If you struggle to break up your revision into do-able chunks, check out apps that play on the ‘Pomodoro technique’. They let you set a timer in a fairly simple app which counts down your allotted time, whilst giving you space for breaks too. Good for the disorganised and procrastinators alike.

My Study Life (Android)

A favourite among users of The Student Room, one of the largest student community forums in the world with over 1.8 million members, is My Study Life, a cross-platform planner for students, teachers and lecturers designed to make your study life easier to manage. As user sarcasmrules comments, “[It] can track your timetables, assignments and exams, and will remind you before they begin. It was a lifesaver at college, and I'm going to be using it at university too.”

Drunk Mode (iPhone and Android)

When your moral compass is alcoholically undermined, reach for Drunk Mode. You can block individuals for up to 12 hours and only get in contact when you’re sufficiently sober to answer a maths question (maths students may have to look for another solution…). Say goodbye to random ex-texting, pestering and innuendo. Your conscience will be clear.

Drinkaware: Track and Calculate Units (iPhone and Android)

Monitor your alcohol intake. Go on.

Yummly (iPhone and Android)

Your turn to throw a meal together for your housemates? A cross between a virtual cookbook and Instagram, Yummly gives you a variety of meal ideas with big bright pictures to scroll through. Plus even the most novice cook can get their uninitiated head round the easy-to-use recipe sections with added nutritional information and instructions. It even allows you to search and sort recipes using a large variety of filters, so if you’re short of time or have special dietary requirements you’ll always find something.

Got any top app tips that you’d like to share? What works for you? Do tell…

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